Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre


The Mission

          The mission of the Amarillo College Conservatory is to serve its local community, and to provide the highest caliber of artistic training and education for the youth of West Texas so that they are enabled to achieve their fullest potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens. 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

(left, J. Cunningham

right, E. McCallie)



The Amarillo College Conservatory is located on the corner of 22nd Ave and S. Washington Street

Our classrooms, workshops, studios, and stage are all located in the historic Ordway Hall on the campus of Amarillo College. 

Address:  2201 S Washington St, Amarillo, TX 79109

2201 S Washington St, Amarillo, TX 79109

What We Do

          The training at the Conservatory is at the professional level, offered by instructions with professional experience. 

          Early curriculum is largely Meisner-based, though other methods are explored. Students are exposed to improvisational study, script analysis and writing, theatrical concepts, and acting principles. 

          For older students, exit level courses involve classical training in works by William Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett and Anton Chekov. Exit courses also include college preparation, support and follow up. 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

(left, E. Dodson,

right, E. Mettham)


Our History

The Amarillo College Conservatory was founded in 2011 by Linda D. Hughes. 

Jayme McBride was immediately brought on board and soon became Program Director. 

Both educators have a track record of building programs and inspiring local talent, so in the past few years, the program has expanded profoundly. The program continues to evolve to this day.  Both McBride and Hughes have displayed years of commitment to their local community, and so service is a huge part of what this Conservatory is. 

Historically, only individuals with professional experience are able to instruct at the Conservatory level. It is the program's direct aim to provide a focused, conducive environment while students are prepared for the current professional arena. 

Ordway Hall

Ordway Hall is the oldest building on the Washington Street Campus. Ordway certainly is inspiring, but it also holds many mysteries.

Carved into each of the western corners are pairs of gnomes engaged in the acts of reading and writing.

The building was constructed in 1936-37 as the administration building when Amarillo College moved to Washington Street, and it later was given its familiar name in honor of George Ordway, the first president of the board of trustees and one of two men responsible for establishing AC. The classrooms today may be equipped with projection screens and high-powered computers, but the actual building still is all original.

"Just being in Ordway can make a person feel smarter." - AC Ranger

The accessibility of most parts of the building reflects the belief that education should be available to all.

Ordway Hall has been registered as a Texas Historic Landmark since 2008, meaning it’s safe from all the cold, modern renovation and construction projects going on around campus.

Ordway is not just a landmark to the state of Texas; it is also a treasure for any and all of Amarillo's youth.