Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre


Course Descriptions

Adult Acting Studies

An acting class designed for adults interested in learning or re-visiting acting skills and technique. This class is perfect for the college student who prepares for auditions and examinations, for the local talent looking to sharpen their skills or prepare for area auditions, and for the home-maker who would have been a movie star if she had not fallen in love first. 

Pre-Conservatory Training

This course is designed to challenge the youngest of actors (ages 4-7). Foundational skills, like public speaking, memory, and emotional literacy, are crafted here. 

Theatre Concepts

This is an introductory, high-discipline course into the Conservatory (ages 8 - 12). Students will be trained in the basic principles of improvisational acting. Instructors will be critical of diction, professionalism, and proper audition technique. 

Comedy Tonight!

An introduction to the development of the comedic character by emphasizing the importance of comedic timing, delivery and physicalization.

Dance & Movement For The Actor

This class focuses on beginning ballet and movement on stage by instructing the student in the areas of dance, stage movement, and performance stance.

Introduction to Scene Studies

This class requires the student to have a basic understanding of professionalism and performance. Students will analyze scripts in the style of Uta Hagen, to better understand the scene and to better perform the characters in them. This is a preparatory course for Advanced Scene Studies.

Advanced Scene Studies

Development of the actor through the study of age appropriate theatre scenes. Contemporary and classical theatre literature will be explored.

Developing the Dramatic Actor

This high-school level course trains the young actor to deeply understand emotion and how to express it effectively. Students will explore acting methods from Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Stanslavski and more. Once each year, this class is responsible for delivering a sensational showcase in Ordway Hall. 

Getting the Callback

An advanced studies class designed to explore local, college and national auditions. Help in selection of audition materials is offered within the curriculum of the class.

Senior Intensive

This class is essential for the advanced actor who intends on entering the professional world. This exit course is audition-only, and only holds up to eight students. The curriculum is comprehensive and rigorous.