Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre



Please arrive on the first day of class with this completed form with a check made payable to "ACCT" in the amount of tuition. 

Fall 2018
Course Descriptions

Pre-Conservatory Training

 M. Payne

We love to work with young ones! Starting at Age 5, a child may start his or her journey with the Amarillo College Conservatory by singing up for this preparation class. Some children spent years in this class, and others merely a few semesters before moving on to a more appropriate course. A child is ready to move on from this preparation course when the child has demonstrated a high level of discipline, focus, character, and communication. 

Theatre Concepts

M. Payne

This course is a must for children who are in late Elementary School or early Intermediate School. Students in this class will perfect basic techniques and sharpen their first skill set as an actor. An instructor will work closely with each student to build understanding, enunciation, physicality, appreciation, public speaking skills, reading, and critical thinking. 

Introduction to Improv

A. Garcia

This class welcomes the young actor into the hilarious and exciting world of improv acting. In this course, students will be exposed to basic rules and philosophies that are essential to understand before taking Advanced Improv. 

Advanced Improv

A. Garcia

After completing Intro to Improv, a student will be ready to step into the world of long-form improv. Actors will be subjected to rigorous coaching and honest criticism. These students should be able to execute extremely realistic and believable performances upon completion of this course. 

Advanced Scene Studies

M. Payne

Students will study and take on major roles from classic and modern works in a controlled classroom setting. This course assumes that all students who sign up have mastered basic acting techniques. Upon completion of this course, students should feel comfortable entering any role.

Comedy Sports Training

A. Garcia

This course is specifically designed to train the finest improvisers in the city of Amarillo: The Conservatory Court Jesters. 
These students will master short-form improv and will feel extremely comfortable on stage in front of an audience upon completion of this course. 

Repertory Intensive

M. Payne

This course requires an audition for admission. In this course, we prepare our most promising and focused actors for the professional arena in a small class of 6 to 8. Each student in this course is expected to participate in every single production of the season either on or off stage. 
This repertory-style of training has produced actors who are historically accepted as supreme, such as Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Ian McKellen, Peter O'Toole, Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart, and many more. 

So You Think You Can Perform?

L. Hughes

This class is for adult actors who wish to keep their skills sharp, make friends, improve public speaking skills, defeat anxiety, or simply reignite their love of theatre. This class has a reputation of being fun, but challenging!