Amarillo College Conservatory Theatre


The Amarillo College Conservatory
Remembers Its History

 'Tis in my memory lock'd
And you yourself shall keep the key of it.

- Ophelia 

Hamlet (Act 1, Scene 3)

We Are

This body of work was written and created entirely by some of the first students to have studied at the Amarillo College Conservatory. This show explores the truest, most honest moments of being a young person in this day and age. This was the first production in the name of the Amarillo College Conservatory.

Directed by Linda D Hughes

Our Town

This Pulitzer Prize winning drama is told to the audience through the eyes of the Stage Manager, who narrates a home-hitting tale of love, time, and death that takes place at the opening of the 20th century. 

Directed by Linda D. Hughes

Rebel Without A Cause

Stewart Stern wrote this play based on the 1955 movie starring James Dean, who died before the movie's release. The movie was called "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant" and was added to the Library of Congress's National Film Registry. This classic piece of work criticizes old parenting styles, examines the moral decay of America's youth, and spotlights the eternal clash between generations young and old. 

Directed by Linda D. Hughes

Bridge to Terabithia

Based on the novel by Katherine Paterson, this play tells the story of two young people who are not content with the world around them. When they flee into the woods to escape, they discover the strange and fantastic kingdom of Terabithia. 

Directed by Jayme L. McBride

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The children's play was written by Christopher Cook, retelling the spooky tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. Sleepy Hollow's dark and dramatic story is best told on stage. 

Directed by Jayme L. McBride

Velveteen Rabbit

This touching story about a stuffed rabbit who wants to be real more than anything else in the whole world was written by Margery Williams, and was first published in 1922. 

Directed by Rebecca Smithee Bulla

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The classic animated television special A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS comes to life in this faithful stage adaptation, in which Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Directed by Linda D. Hughes

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Judith Viorst wrote this popular children's book, and later adapted it into a play. She named the three brothers in her book after her three sons in real life, and through her stories, she tries to teach the same lessons to the world's children that she teaches her own boys. Sometimes, we just have one of those days...

Directed by Matthew T. Payne

The Outsiders

A teen-aged orphan from a background of violence and loyalty is given an assignment in his English class, and through writing this paper, Ponyboy Curtis tells his powerful story. This S.E. Hinton's novel was published in 1967, when she was just sixteen years old. 

Directed by Jayme L. McBride

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (2018)

When the worst bunch of kids in the town finds themselves touched by Christmas magic, you get a Christmas Pageant unlike any other! No, really...

Directed by Linda D. Hughes

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare's most magical comedy includes two couples who flee into the woods when their parents won't allow them to marry. That's when they run into some mischievous fairies.  

Directed by Jayme L. McBride